Hear His Voice

A Post for the Ones Who Aren’t Feeling the Joy John 20:11-18  Here we are at the end of Easter Sunday. Maybe today has been a joyful day of celebration for you. Maybe you sang “Because He Lives” and “He Arose” and “Glorious Day,” and you felt true joy and hope. You felt each wordContinue reading “Hear His Voice”

Faith & Fear

With permed hair, fringed scarves draped around bulky sweaters, and high-waisted, stone-washed jeans, we were closing out the 1980s in high style as we entered our senior year of high school. At 17, I was a people-pleasing performer with a competitive spirit who worked hard to excel in school. Tests were sometimes fun for me.Continue reading “Faith & Fear”

There’s Worship In An Honest Prayer

I always wanted a big family. Though I only had two brothers, I come from a huge extended family. My dad is one of twelve. Sunday lunches at my grandparents’ house were loud and crowded — aunts and uncles sharing TV trays, their plates piled high with Grandma’s baked steak or glazed ham, cousins packedContinue reading “There’s Worship In An Honest Prayer”

Redemption Takes Time

I don’t like conflict. Which is a bit surprising considering how strong my opinions are about virtually everything – except what to have for dinner. I never seem to have enough of an opinion to make a decision about that. Why is it so hard to decide what to feed the people every.single.day??  But thatContinue reading “Redemption Takes Time”

The Compassion of Jesus

When my kids’ dad died, they received cards and visits and gifts from several adults who had also lost their father when they were children or teenagers. Having experienced the trauma of losing a parent so early in life created a special sort of empathy in these people’s hearts.  That’s how it often is.  WhenContinue reading “The Compassion of Jesus”