Go In Peace

Growing up in church, I heard all about Daniel in the Lion’s Den and Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego. Flannel board lessons. Catchy songs with hand motions. Popsicle stick crafts. Cartoonish picture books. I can’t even count the number of times I heard the stories of these “Bible heroes” and their fearless faithfulness.  These were the kindContinue reading “Go In Peace”

Keeping Quiet, Bad Teaching, Dishonorable Containers, and the Gospel Truth

I’m generally not known for keeping quiet. I’ve been told that even if I manage to hold my tongue and not say what’s on my mind, my facial expressions still give my every thought away. It’s whatever. I’ve made peace with it. I’ll never be a professional poker player, but also you don’t have toContinue reading “Keeping Quiet, Bad Teaching, Dishonorable Containers, and the Gospel Truth”

Christian Nationalism vs. the Kingdom of God

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the United States of America and the Kingdom of God, about Christian Nationalism and Jesus Following.  I’m grateful I live in the United States. I see the privilege I’ve enjoyed as a white girl living in this country. ’ve benefited from the sacrifices of other people throughout historyContinue reading “Christian Nationalism vs. the Kingdom of God”


I see my conservative evangelical friends lamenting the shrinking of their churches and whispering prayer requests for those who aren’t “walking with the Lord” any more. Hashtag “exvangelical” is trending on Twitter. There’s an entire corner of TikTok with videos about deconstructing faith or coming out of fundamentalism. Clearly, this is a hot topic inContinue reading “Exvangelical”

Because I love my neighbor, I oppose school voucher programs

As 2021 began, 14 states were considering school voucher programs. The state where I was born and raised recently passed one of the broadest school voucher programs, giving public funds to anyone wanting to withdraw their children from public school — regardless of income level — or to anyone with rising kindergarten children who haveContinue reading “Because I love my neighbor, I oppose school voucher programs”

Hear His Voice

A Post for the Ones Who Aren’t Feeling the Joy John 20:11-18  Here we are at the end of Easter Sunday. Maybe today has been a joyful day of celebration for you. Maybe you sang “Because He Lives” and “He Arose” and “Glorious Day,” and you felt true joy and hope. You felt each wordContinue reading “Hear His Voice”

Holy Week – Saturday

Resting & Waiting Jesus had died on the cross. As everyone who knew him and loved him stood at a distance and watched, Jesus cried out and gave his life. With Jesus, their hopes for their expected Messiah also died.  On the cross, they’d lost a beloved friend, a son, an honored teacher and mentor.Continue reading “Holy Week – Saturday”