Peace. If you’re like me, your soul is craving peace right now. Here in the United States, it can feel like everything is going to Hell in a handbasket. There’s so much unrest, so much turmoil. So many of us are longing for real rest.  Lately, I’ve been thinking about January of 2009. My then-husbandContinue reading “Peace”

True Unity & Healing

Within the past few days I’ve seen social media posts encouraging “unity and healing.” Some messages scold Democrats for wanting impeachment; some exhort us not to let “politics” or “politicians” ruin friendships or family relationships.  I get it. I’m a middle child, an Enneagram 2, an otter, an “i” in the DISC — I likeContinue reading “True Unity & Healing”

The Compassion of Jesus

When my kids’ dad died, they received cards and visits and gifts from several adults who had also lost their father when they were children or teenagers. Having experienced the trauma of losing a parent so early in life created a special sort of empathy in these people’s hearts.  That’s how it often is.  WhenContinue reading “The Compassion of Jesus”

Good News

Christmas is the Incarnation of God’s upside-down kingdom. Mary understood that.  “. . . he has scattered the proud in the thoughts of their hearts. He has brought down the powerful from their thrones, and lifted up the lowly; he has filled the hungry with good things, and sent the rich away empty.” (Luke 1:Continue reading “Good News”


A woman caught in adultery dragged before Jesus. Her sins laid bare for all to see. Humiliation. Judgment. Fear for her life. “We’re supposed to stone her. What do you say? Should we stone her?” The powerful men smugly ask Jesus.  In the early morning dawn, right there at the temple courts, with so manyContinue reading “Freedom”


When my marriage was crumbling, God was silent. I prayed. Fervently – as I’d been taught. And I knew I was asking God for something within His will. I mean, I was asking for a healthy, thriving marriage – everyone knows that’s God’s plan. But then I’d doubt. Second-guess. Beat myself up a bit. MaybeContinue reading “Silence”

A Puzzling Dichotomy

One day a new kid strolled into 9th grade health class and sat behind me. A plain white t-shirt, faded Wranglers, boots – this kid looked like he’d just stepped out of “The Outsiders.”  There I sat. Ninth grade me. Permed hair. Braces. Probably wearing a sweatshirt that said “My foot is on the ROCKContinue reading “A Puzzling Dichotomy”


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