Holy Week – Monday

Turning Over Some Tables I’ve heard about Jesus knocking over the tables in the temple at least once a year for my entire life, but it’s only been in recent years that I’ve begun to understand what was going on in this passage of scripture (Mark 11:15-20).  The lower and outward court of the templeContinue reading “Holy Week – Monday”

Faith & Fear

With permed hair, fringed scarves draped around bulky sweaters, and high-waisted, stone-washed jeans, we were closing out the 1980s in high style as we entered our senior year of high school. At 17, I was a people-pleasing performer with a competitive spirit who worked hard to excel in school. Tests were sometimes fun for me.Continue reading “Faith & Fear”

Pandemic Weary

We are pandemic weary. It’s been a whole long year! And we’re tired. Of death tallies. Of checking the health department website for case counts. We’re tired. Of masks. Of missing out on all the things we’d normally be doing. We’re tired. Of changed plans. Of cancellations. Of postponements. We’re tired. Of computer screens. OfContinue reading “Pandemic Weary”

There’s Worship In An Honest Prayer

I always wanted a big family. Though I only had two brothers, I come from a huge extended family. My dad is one of twelve. Sunday lunches at my grandparents’ house were loud and crowded — aunts and uncles sharing TV trays, their plates piled high with Grandma’s baked steak or glazed ham, cousins packedContinue reading “There’s Worship In An Honest Prayer”

Redemption Takes Time

I don’t like conflict. Which is a bit surprising considering how strong my opinions are about virtually everything – except what to have for dinner. I never seem to have enough of an opinion to make a decision about that. Why is it so hard to decide what to feed the people every.single.day??  But thatContinue reading “Redemption Takes Time”

The Evangelical Power Structure Enables Abusers

Sadly, the Ravi Zacharias story doesn’t even surprise me. He misused his reputation as a minister, as a famous Christian, to abuse women all over the world. He diverted money – tens of thousands of dollars! – from his ministry to financially support women in exchange for sex. He amassed naked photographs of women fromContinue reading “The Evangelical Power Structure Enables Abusers”

Scarcity or Abundance?

The concept of sharing has mostly been a given for my kids. It has to be that way when there are six kids in a family. But we occasionally had some growing pains as my children learned how to share. When Rachel (my younger daughter) first became mobile, she discovered she could make her wayContinue reading “Scarcity or Abundance?”

What Would I Have Done?

Back in middle school, I read the book “The Hiding Place” about the ten Boom family. Corrie ten Boom and her family choose to be part of the Dutch Resistance during World War II. In a hidden room, behind a fake wall in their home, they harbored those people the Gestapo hunted. Historians estimate thatContinue reading “What Would I Have Done?”

True Unity & Healing

Within the past few days I’ve seen social media posts encouraging “unity and healing.” Some messages scold Democrats for wanting impeachment; some exhort us not to let “politics” or “politicians” ruin friendships or family relationships.  I get it. I’m a middle child, an Enneagram 2, an otter, an “i” in the DISC — I likeContinue reading “True Unity & Healing”