I’m so happy you’re here.

I hope this space is a welcome spot for you to explore ideas, feel encouraged, and know you’re not alone.

I’m Jenn – a mom of six, an educator, a writer, and a follower of Jesus.

For a long time, I was smack in the middle of really conservative, evangelical Christianity. When my stairstep kiddos were little, we even packed up everything and entered occupational ministry as full-time support-staff missionaries. After four years, we left that mission organization, and I worked in children’s ministry at a church.

Over the next few years, my marriage ended and I began teaching full-time as a middle and high school English teacher and reading coach at a juvenile detention center.

My little stairstep kids have grown. Together, we’ve navigated the valleys of grief after their father died and celebrated on the mountaintop of joy as my oldest got married.

Throughout it all, my faith has shifted – deconstructing here, reconstructing there, growing and expanding and refining. But my belief in the goodness of God and the grace of Jesus holds fast and firm.

In this space, I share my heart. And I encourage you to connect and comment and interact so that we build a community of people growing and exploring and loving each other.

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