Voting Our Values

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I believe our vote should be based on our values.

I value empathy, so I will vote for the candidate who displays empathy – not the one who lacks it.

I value honesty, so I will vote for the candidate who generally tells the truth – not the one who lies with impunity.

I value family, so I will vote for the candidate who openly loves his family – not the one who has been married three times and has cheated on each of them multiple times

I value my faith, so I will vote for the candidate whose faith is central to his worldview and governance – not the one who has said he doesn’t need to ask God for forgiveness.

I value treating other people the way I want to be treated, so I will vote for the candidate who wants our government to honor and protect all faiths and all people – not the one who seems to deride and disrespect those who are different from him.

I value welcoming refugees and caring for the oppressed and marginalized, so I will vote for the candidate who shares those views – not the one who has closed our doors to most refugees and refused to help those who most need our help.

I value free speech, so I will vote for the candidate who isn’t threatened or intimidated by an engaged constituency who exercise their freedom of speech and protest – not the one who has sought to silence the free press and the peaceful protests of the people.

I value justice, so I will vote for the candidate who stands for justice – not the one who looks for loopholes to rules and thinks he’s above the law.

I value mercy, so I will vote for the candidate who treats even his adversaries with kindness and mercy – not the one who mocks his adversaries when they face hardships.

I value life, so I will vote for the candidate who most demonstrates a value for life at all stages – not the one who panders to evangelical voters with pro-birth promises and little demonstrable value of all lives.

Because of my values as a follower of Jesus, I cannot vote for Donald Trump, whose words and behaviors violate nearly all of my morals. Because of my values, I’m voting for Joe Biden, who most closely aligns with the guiding principles of my life.

3 thoughts on “Voting Our Values

  1. Wow … your words were so good Jenn. Interesting how we both felt led by the Lord in reviewing VALUES (remember there used to be Values Voters who actually looked at the character of the candidates?). I appreciate how you include a SOURCE (or two) for each and every point you make. I know that it is hard to pick WHICH source to use in those cases. I appreciate the time you spent to find appropriate and good sources – almost like a past resource list! I like your approach at matching up values and character as a sort of checklist for each candidate to see which candidate best matches each checklist item. In your case (as in mine), the same candidate (Joe Biden) matched each and every one. If anyone is interested they are welcome read my short articles almost as something confirming this excellent article you just posted. My articles revolve around Scriptures a bit more, but we end up in the same place! Three of my articles written in the last couple weeks include a sort of checklist just like you so ably presented to us in your article today Jenn. Different tact, same results. The Christian Voting Command uses 1Corinthians 13:1-7 as the basis for a checklist. Voting This Election uses 1Corinthians 5:9-13 as a checklist. And my first article, To The Vicious Be The Opposite! Be Kind, Moral, Virtuous, Honorable And Respectable uses Scriptures that refer to “clothing yourself” in something of value. Everyone is welcome to see my checklists and while I can’t make each one a link, I can give you a link to the table of contents to all my articles (at the top left of my website), and then just click on those three to see each article with it’s checklist! Actually … perhaps I should just add the checklist from the last referenced article. Here it is:

    Clothe yourself in Christ (Galatians 3:27).
    Clothe yourself in Righteousness (Isaiah 61:10).
    Clothe yourself with Humility (1Peter 5:5).
    Clothe yourself with Honor (Job 40:10).
    Clothe yourself with the Armor of Light (Romans 13:12).
    Clothe yourself with Truth (Ephesians 6:14).
    Clothe yourself with Dignity (Proverbs 31:25).
    And clothe yourself with Compassion, Kindness, Gentleness and Patience (Colossians 3:12).

    Thank you for your well thought out, encouraging words Jenn. We need to hear more words like yours at a time like this. I hope everyone reading your article shares it with a few people. I will share it on my facebook page, but I only have a few “Facebook friends” (what an odd term). Blessings and grace to you! Here is where people can find my articles:


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